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RV Insurance Overview

Palacio Miller Agency is an independent agency. We help Louisville, KY residents find the coverage they need to protect what matters most. We have relationships with multiple carriers in the area. This allows us to take a flexible approach to offer coverage. We will help you find a custom policy specifically designed to protect your assets.

RV Insurance Overview

Many Louisville, KY residents enjoy taking vacations in their RVs. If you plan to explore parts of the South in your RV, RV insurance gives you a layer of protection. The policy covers your vehicle if it suffers damages in an accident. If you are held responsible for the damages and potential injuries, liability coverage will protect you. Liability coverage also protects you if one of your passengers is injured during a collision. Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle if it’s stolen. All of your personal items inside the vehicle are covered as well. The South is prone to inclement weather. Comprehensive coverage takes over if you are visiting an area and a tornado moves through and causes damage. You’re also covered if your RV is vandalized or damaged in an accidental fire.

If you plan to travel long distances in your RV, you can add emergency coverage. Perhaps you are traveling out of the state, and your RV breaks down or suffers a flat tire. You can receive towing service or a battery boost with roadside assistance coverage. The type of coverage you need varies depending on the type of RV you have. If you are traveling with a trailer attached, you can amend your policy to cover it against potential damages.

Palacio Miller Agency Will Help You Protect Your Assets

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  1. We are locally owned and operated!

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