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Preparing your home and family for an emergency

Emergencies come in many forms. It can be a flood, a tornado, a wildfire, a severe storm, or another natural disaster. Being prepared means being safe and preparing your home and your family helps. At Palacio Miller Agency in Louisville, KY, we want to make sure that we provide the advice you need to choose the right home insurance to protect your home.  

Preparing your home and family for an emergency

Prepare an escape route

Not only do you need to have an escape route planned to get out of your neighborhood, but you and your family also need to have an escape route planned to exit your home in the event of an emergency. Designate a meeting point in the house and make sure everyone knows where it is. Discuss alternative ways out in the event one way is blocked. 

Know the safe room for a tornado shelter

If you don’t have a tornado cellar, you need to determine which room in your home provides the best safety. Internal rooms without windows are the best option. If you have a basement, go there. Often, bathrooms are the best choice, but they need to be on the first floor. A closet will also provide some protection. 

Have supplies

It is always good to have a supply of water on hand. You need it for drinking and maybe for washing and flushing the toilet if the electricity is out for several days. If possible, have a generator so that you can have heat or ac depending on the time of year. Have a way to cook meals. It can be a camp stove or if you have a gas stove you are in luck. Make sure that if you have any advance warning you fill up your vehicle’s gas tank. 

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Is home insurance needed in Kentucky?

Anyone that is in the Louisville, KY area will find that owning a home is a good idea. This part of Kentucky has continued to see demand for new housing and there is a strong local economy. While there are a lot of advantages that can come with owning a home, it is always important to remember that it is a valuable asset that needs proper insurance. There are a few reasons that home insurance should be considered a necessity here. 

Coverage is Required for Mortgage Borrowers

A situation in which you will need to have home insurance is if you have taken out a mortgage. Anyone that has financed their home purchase with a loan will find that their lender requires them to carry home insurance throughout the term of the loan. In fact, many lenders will also require that you have your monthly payments escrowed. This ensures that you will not have a lapse in payment. 

Coverage Protects Valued Asset

Even if your lender does not require you to carry insurance, having it is still a good idea. A proper home insurance plan will continue to protect your most valued assets. This includes giving you coverage to ensure you can repair your home following a fire or other incident that results in damage. It also can give you coverage and support for any of your personal belongings covered by the plan. 

Those that want to buy a home in the Louisville, KY area should make sure they speak with someone that they can trust. The team with the Palacio Miller Agency is always a good resource to speak with when you are assessing your insurance needs. Palacio Miller Agency can offer a lot of support that will help you build a plan that will continue to provide you and your home with great coverage. 


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