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Should I invest in flood insurance?

Even if you reside outside a special hazard designation, it’s imperative to purchase flood insurance from Palacio Miller Agency to cushion you from the devastating effects of flood damage. Statistics reveal that those designated outside the flood-prone areas file more than 25% of flood claims nationwide. Floods top the charts for being one of the most widespread natural calamities in the United States.

Regrettably, the standard home insurance doesn’t cover floods; it’s prudent to purchase a separate flood insurance policy in Louisville, KY to safeguard your dwelling or home business. Just because you have not been affected by the ravaging effects of flood damage in the past doesn’t guarantee that you won’t experience it in the future. Be wise and design a great plan in Louisville KY early enough to hinder wrestling with substantial financial constraints. Please speak to our agents at Palacio Miller Agency and get to learn more about flood insurance coverage.

Buying flood insurance from Palacio Miller Agency is a worthwhile asset as it harbors the following benefits:

 Keeping your loved ones safe.

It’s vital to initiate a contingency plan and purchase magnificent flood insurance before unexpected calamities strike. This prudent decision of acquiring good flood insurance will safeguard your family and loved ones from looming incertitudes like fire or hail. Buying this vital policy will cushion your family from homelessness and renting an apartment when flood-related damage ravages your dwelling.

Safeguards your property

Do you know that one inch of floodwater can induce more than 25,000 dollars worth of damage to your dwelling? Regrettably, many Louisville KY residents believe that home insurance policies cover floods. This bearing of such a misconception is confusing and alarming. Flood insurance reimburses for damage to your walls, roof, floor and other permanent fixtures to your dwelling.

It instills peace of mind.

The weather can be unpredictable. Flooding can strike at any time without prior warning, triggering substantial damage to your dwelling and contents inside. Instead of battering in worries every time a weatherman mentions looming weather, it’s prudent to buy solidified flood insurance and be guaranteed protection to your loved ones when this menace strike.

Are you a Louisville, KY resident, looking for flood insurance to safeguard your dwelling and loved ones? Please call or visit our offices at Palacio Miller Agency for more information about flood insurance.


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