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Commercial Auto

As a business owner, you want to fully protect your interests as they pertain to vehicles that are used in the course of the business. Commercial auto insurance offers safeguards on many levels, including liability coverage as required by your state, collision and comprehensive coverage for your cars, medical payments (known as individualized injury protection in some states) as well as coverage for uninsured car owners.

Whether you have to purchase a company auto insurance policy is going to depend on the type of driving you do. Your Palacio-Miller Agency insurance consultants can help you navigate your coverage options to shield your business from financial losses due to damage or injury associated with the operation of your business autos. Gathering details regarding the nature of your business and how your vehicles are used will help them tailor an effective solution to suit your coverage needs.

General Liability

Unfortunately for today’s business owner, the risks of getting sued have significantly increased within the last ten years. General Liability insurance can prevent a lawsuit from turning into an economic disaster if your company is sued or held legally accountable for damages or injury. This type of protection can cover losses arising from bodily injury and property damage on the company premises, or even claims arising from company operations.

There are several levels of coverage that are available under a commercial liability policy, including:

  • Bodily Injury - covers the price of medical attention, loss of service, and restitution for any death which results from an injury
  • Property Damage - covers physical damage to the property of others, or the loss of use of that property
  • Products-Completed Operations - provides liability protection (legal expenses and damages up to your policy's limit) in case of damage resulting from products your business created or services your business provided
  • Products Liability – provides a far more specialized liability coverage which protects your business against lawsuits from product-related injury or accidents
  • Contractual Liability – covers liability assumed when entering into a wide variety of contracts

Other types of coverage can be included in a commercial policy that offer protection for targeted business types. Your Palacio Miller Agency consultant will partner with available insurance providers to develop a comprehensive package that will be a perfect fit for your business!


Workers Compensation

Business owners have a legal duty to their employees to provide a safe workspace. Nevertheless, accidents do happen even if every reasonable precaution and safety measure has been taken into account.

Workers compensation insurance provides an income, healthcare, and rehabilitation services to injured workers, regardless of who is at fault, while recovering. This policy covers employees injured on the job, whether they are hurt on the company’s premises, other locations, and in-car accidents while on company time. Additionally, it covers work-related illnesses. This coverage also offers death benefits to surviving dependents and spouses. Nearly every state in the nation requires businesses with employees to purchase workers compensation insurance.

Your Palacio Miller Agency consultant is available to offer assistance in determining how much workers compensation coverage is needed for your business, based on number of employees and annual payroll.


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